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Favorable Comments & Reviews:

6/7/11 - Russellville, KY - Comment - Rated 10
I loved the romance, mystery and the complete twist at the end!  And no bedroom scene.  Love that.  I just can't get enough!!

10/31/11 - Scranton, PA - Comment - Rated 9
There were some small errors I picked up on but in the beginning the middle and the end none of them matter. This was amazing! Wow. Really! Please please please write more. You had me on the edge of my seat. The emotions I felt while reading this only got more intense toward the end. My only complaint is (and I love long books)I wanted more. I didn't want to stop reading! That is the one problem with really good books, they have to end sometime. Wow. Im stunned. Perfect.

2/9/13 - Kenya - Comment
I simply loved the book.....It had all the suspence to make me yearn for more....It was beautiful,exquisite......

9/20/13 - Dallas, TX - Comment
Really Loved the story!!! Could not stop reading it. Fell in Love with Yancey 
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Analytical Comments & Reviews:

6/20/11 - Nigeria - Comment - Rated 5
The plot could use further development and the story line is too simple

9/17/11 - WA - Comment  - Rated 8
It's a great book but some if the lines were cheesy and a little predictable.
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A Dangerous Love
Linda Louise Rigsbee
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