"A Dangerous Love" was first published in 1997 as "A Dangerous Affair." Budding marketing skills promised that the word affair would sell books.  In actuality, the word deceived the reader.  In this case, affair was not intended to mean an improper relationship.  This was a conservative romance and the definition of the word affair was: a situation.  It was rewritten and published again in October of 2000 as "A Dangerous Love."  Only a few handcrafted copies of "A Dangerous Affair" were sold and they have not been retrieved.

Tales of moonshining in the wild and remote mountains around Huntsville, Arkansas inspired this book. The S turn and cliff at the bottom of the road where her car goes into the canyon actually exists in White Rock Wildlife Management Area, near St. Paul, Arkansas. The creek, the writing on the rock and the rock fences are there as well. 

Lisa borders on being an adrenalin junkie and the mystery is more than she can resist. She is no stranger to the danger in the woods, but the mystery surrounding the trail and the building lures her into danger.  From the beginning, the young man has intrigued her.  The perceived danger only adds to his charm.  His volatile moods merely build more excitement.

Linda is currently working on another conservative romance, "Romancing The Treehugger," which is scheduled for publication in late 2012 or early 2013. The setting will again be in the mountains around White Rock Wildlife Management area. 

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A Dangerous Love
Linda Louise Rigsbee
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